Flexible & Visible

We can provide you creative and usable WEB resources according to your demands and help to make the right impact on the market
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Various & Individual

You will find out individual approach and unique marketing ideas.  Our practice is focused on offering people avenues to express their idealism, passion and commitment to causes larger than themselves.
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  • WEB services for Automotive market players

    1. Creating web sites and on-line applications
    2. Ready to use Internet Shops
    3. Content management
    4. SEO optimization and usability tests
    5. Technical support
    6. Clients web sites hosting
    7. Domain registration

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    Communications on CIS markets

    1. PR campaigns planning and realization
    2. Technical and corporate texts writing and rewriting
    3. Professional press releases, news releases, media releases
    4. Direct Media mailing
    5. Forum and Social services networking (Facebook, VKontakt, Linkedin)

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  • Brand awareness

    1. Strategically brand development
    2. Customization brand representation to the local markets
    3. Rebranding

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    1. Promotional merchandising activities in the POS
    2. Trading team monitoring and training
    3. Retail supply chain support

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  • Loyalty driving ideas

    Loyalty programs under the Customer needs
    Marketing activities for the B2B (Dealers, Spare Parts Shops) and B2C (Car drivers)
    Realization support on the CIS markets

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    Corporate style and design

    1. WEB design banners and digital advertising
    2. Graphic design for printed promo and advertising
    3. Brand book design (Logo and corporate identity elements )

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  • Market analytics

    1. CIS Market Analytics in Automotive field
    2. Marketing research
    3. Customer satisfaction and competitive intelligence

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    1. Media activities monitoring
    2. Buzz monitoring and brand attitude
    3. Competitors marketing efforts

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Our insights in the work

«If you want to be in the list of the most famous companies in the world - 100 years pass it is not necessary condition. Remember - Now is 21 century!»                                                                                                                       М.К.

4 first questions by Alina Wheeler:
"Who are you? Who needs to know?
How will they find out? Why should they care?"

                                             A.W.   «Designing Brand Identity”